The Experience

Oxford on the Blue is home to one of the most amazing and natural settings in Kansas City. As you stroll along its miles of trails you will see it truly stands apart because of its dedication to conservation simplicity and careful development.

From the beginning Oxford on the Blue is destined to be a place, not a project. The uniqueness lies in the natural landscape of the mostly undisturbed 350 acres. We have set out to preserve and protect this natural landscape while creating a human settlement for those who will cherish this unique environment by allowing the land to guide us rather than imposing a developer template. We are crafting a plan that respects its physical topography, the wetlands, in the miles of undulating blank. Oxford on the Blue as a place rather than a project is a more challenging path than traditionally taken. It requires that we remain authentic. That we unlearn much of what the last 50 years of development in Kansas City has taught us.

At the heart of this special place is a village. One that will be created that captures the uniqueness of the land, ponds and streams and trails. The people will delight in the countless gathering places and also partake in the mind clearing trails, the escapes to solitude.

When completed Oxford on the Blue promises to preserve its ideals, its spirit — they are all integral parts of Oxford on the Blue.

Despite the detailed and initial planning that is going into the creation of this special place, we will not be predictable in our approach. Rather we will remain flexible, allowing ideas to evolve and nurture the visions and goals of those who choose to embrace and engage in this exciting opportunity. By adhering to these principles, Oxford on the Blue becomes a place for discovery, creation and great opportunity.