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A place, not a project.

From the beginning, we have set out to preserve and protect this natural landscape, allowing the natural contours of the land to guide our development. Our plan respects the physical topography, the wetlands, and the miles of undulating space. While our approach may be more challenging than a typical developer template, we believe that people thrive when they can live and work in an environment that connects them to fresh air, beauty and the delight of deliberate design. 

Developing a Center of Excellence for Personalized and Precise Medicine

Let's be clear: just because our development principles let the land lead the layout, our design standards for facilities are no less than world class.


In today's competitive employment market for top talent, especially young talent, our goal is for Oxford on the Blue to be a strategic hiring – and retention – advantage.  


We are not looking to relocate mediocre suburban office buildings here.  Rather, we are seeking progressive companies and organizations who want to push the limits on how your facilities and the surrounding environment inspire your people and position you as a leader.

Connected to Nature.

Throughout the property, we have taken special care in the overall design to preserve as many trees, natural contours and vistas as possible.  We want to give the top minds in medical research the physical space to take walks, imagine, work out details in a setting that promotes creativity, clear thinking and wellness. 

Our Design Vision

As a team, our design vision has taken inspiration from centuries-old, intimate English villages as well as some of the most progressive new urbanist developments around the world.  We aim to create a tight-knit community, where the people who work here, want to live here, where people want to walk instead of drive, and where there's a natural balance between the various uses throughout the park.